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So, who precisely is an entrepreneur, what are the qualities of an entrepreneur?... well Wikipedia says, "An entrepreneur is an individual who has possession of a new enterprise, enterprise or thought and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome"... umm... okay however I'd quite say, that an excellent entrepreneur is a person who guides a manpower as a way to apply an idea(doesn't matter if it is his or of someone else and whether it's new or old) to fulfill those that want the advantages produced by it, which leads to monetary outcomes or profits.

So the basic characteristics or qualities of an entrepreneur would be:

- She or he ought to have an Idea (again, no matter who originally thought of it and whether it is new or old).

- She or he ought to have the motivation/urge to pursue or apply the idea.

- She or he ought to have entry to manpower or to the ability to make manpower accessible to him (advertising and marketing skills apply here).

- He or she must be a superb leader.

But then, there are other forms of people too who have some or lots of the above talked about qualities; however we do not call them Entrepreneur. A superb example of such a person could be a scientist. Scientists do have ideas or, in other words, they will truly create ideas. They are definitely excited or motivated about pursuing their ideas and little doubt, they're good leaders as well and they, for certain have access to a minimum of minimal manpower (No, most scientists do not work in solitude as shown in motion pictures like Robin Williams' Flubber or Frankenstein, they've at least 2-10 people working under them as junior scientists). But then why do not we call a scientist an entrepreneur as well? Is he an exception to the above definition?... food for thought huh?

And how a few dictator? He has his personal or borrowed ideas, He wants to use them, he has access to man energy, can information them very well... actually, Mahmood Ahmadu they will do nearly anything he wants. So, does that imply, a dictator is an entrepreneur or, an entrepreneur is a dictator!!