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The R1T will likely be available in three different battery pack variants, although all will function an electrical motor on every wheel, providing exact all-wheel drive efficiency regardless of how a lot power is available. The largest version of the truck could have a 180kWh battery that can permit more than four hundred miles of range, in line with Rivian. (That’s 80 kWh more than the highest-capacity automobile Tesla at present sells.) A 135kWh model of the R1T will eclipse 300 miles. The smallest — geared up with a 105kWh pack that may give the truck about 230 miles of range — will probably be available "within six months" following the launch of the others.

All three variations of the truck have a top speed of a hundred twenty five miles per hour. The midrange battery pack version is the quickest, in response to rivian suv, hitting 60 miles per hour in three seconds flat, due to a total power output of 562kW (about 750 horsepower). The four hundred-mile battery version of the truck sends 522kW (about seven-hundred horsepower) to the gearbox and can hit the 60 mph mark in 3.2 seconds. The cheaper brief-range version will go from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, with 300kW of energy (about 400 horsepower) on offer.

Dimension-sensible, the R1T is most directly comparable to the new Ford Ranger or the newest Toyota Tacoma, although there are differences. Rivian’s electric pickup has a slightly longer wheelbase (135.eight inches) than the Ranger (127 inches) or the Tacoma (127.four inches). At 226 inches overall, it's longer than the Ranger (210.eight inches) and the Tacoma (212.three inches). Rivian’s truck is a smidge taller than each, too, measuring 71.5 inches to the Ranger’s 70.7-inch height or the Tacoma’s 70.6-inch stance.

The R1T isn't quite as large as the Ranger, with Rivian’s truck measuring 79.three inches compared to the Ranger’s width of 85.8 inches. (The base mannequin of the Tacoma measures 74.4 inches large). The R1T has a payload of about 1,760 kilos, which is shy of the Ranger’s 2,080-pound capability, however it far exceeds the Tacoma’s 1,one hundred seventy five-pound limit.

The Ford Ranger and the Toyota Tacoma begin at around $25,000, in order that they easily beat the R1T on price. However Rivian guarantees the R1T will deliver more than what you’d discover in a conventional pickup truck of this size.

For one thing, the R1T has a towing capability of 11,000 kilos, which is more comparable to the potential of a higher-end F-150. There’s also a bounty of space for storing within the R1T, because of the truth that the battery and electric drivetrain are all located on the floor of the vehicle.

The front trunk gives 11.7 cubic ft (330 liters) of storage space, and there’s a 12.four cubic foot (350-liter) "gear tunnel" that sits between the cab and the bed and runs the entire width of the vehicle, which Rivian says is good for things like skis, golf bags, fishing rods, and even lumber. And there’s a storage compartment within the ground of the bed that’s big enough for a spare tire.